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Swallowing Difficulties



Swallowing issues can be the result of any condition that affects the muscles or nerves involved in chewing and swallowing, or may be due to ageing, or both.  Swallowing issues may include:

  • Difficulty chewing and moving the food around your mouth, or through your throat.
  • Increased difficulty swallowing your own saliva.
  • Issues with airway protection, where food, drink or saliva enters the airway causing coughing or possible choking.
  • Trouble clearing remaining food or fluid in the mouth or throat after you have swallowed.

Consequences of swallowing problems can include:

  • Weight loss.
  • Dehydration.
  • Respiratory complications such as chest infections or pneumonia.
  • Choking.

Swallowing difficulties can also affect quality of life. As well as eating and drinking out of necessity, we use food and drink to celebrate, commiserate, entertain and socialise. As a result, issues with swallowing can lead to increased anxiety and social isolation.

At Be Heard Speech Pathology, we have the skills to assess your swallowing; provide you with  information to help you understand your swallowing difficulty, and, make recommendations to increase your drinking and mealtime safety.

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